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Protecting Your Missouri Family Against Home Foreclosure

Your home is precious to you. It has considerable financial and sentimental value. It’s where you raised your family, after all. In good times and bad, you would not want to give it up without a fight.

When a job is lost, bills go unpaid and stressful money worries set in — and a lender moves to foreclose on the real estate you worked hard to afford — you need the help of a lawyer who believes in your rights and the “fresh start” you deserve.

Compassionate legal professional Bob Briggs is ready to help you right now at The Law Offices of Sotta & Briggs, PC.

A wholesale discharge of most debt under Chapter 7 liquidation or the comfortable repayment plan in a Chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy filing can bring you back. You have more options than you may be aware of, and these are just two of them, when a family’s goal is to maintain possession of a home.

The “automatic stay” of consumer bankruptcy fends off efforts by lenders, such as banks and mortgage companies, who want to auction your home to the highest bidder. After bankruptcy is filed, and creditors continue to harass you, they do so at their own peril. Meantime, our Sotta & Briggs attorney educates you, advocates for you and offers comforting guidance that gives you strength at a difficult time.

Experienced Foreclosure Representation For Joplin And Western Missouri Clients

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