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Divorce Solutions For Western Missouri Families

The decision to divorce can have devastating long-range repercussions for a once-loving family — legal, financial and emotional.

Therefore, the need for an efficient, amicable, smoothly executed legal process is essential to minimize divorce’s impact on young children and end a marriage in a dignified way.

The Joplin family law attorney at The Law Offices of Sotta & Briggs, PC, covers every issue of your Missouri divorce — child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support, and division of property and assets, just to name a few.

We work hard to protect our clients’ rights and carry “the best interests of the child” as a goal throughout our discussions. And though we prefer to complete a divorce with both parties “on the same page,” we are always fully prepared to litigate on your behalf in court, if necessary, when disagreements on vital issues become contentious.

Lawyer Bob Briggs Offers The Sound Legal Guidance You Need At The End Of Your Marriage

Sotta & Briggs provides experienced, effective representation for clients undertaking uncontested, contested and high-asset divorce.

We give you the facts you need about income-based child support guidelines, the factors courts examine when determining levels of alimony, and methods of negotiating parenting time for custody and visitation schedules.

When ownership of significant assets and property are at stake, our law firm can access skilled investigative resources and forensic accountants to ensure that provisions in a prenuptial agreement are lived up to. In the absence of a “prenup,” Sotta & Briggs fights for your right to a fair share of accumulated marital assets.

Your free initial consultation with our experienced divorce attorney can be obtained right now at 417-782-1717 today or by email. We welcome the opportunity to help transition you and your children to a brighter future after divorce.