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When Changes In Your Life Call For Changes In Your Post-Divorce Routine

You may think your Missouri divorce is final — but it isn’t.

Life can provide any number of interruptions, expected and not. Jobs are gained and lost, incomes rise and fall. Growing children’s needs change, as do yours, when a relocation outside the state is necessary.

For revisions you may need applied to a divorce settlement agreement after a sudden, substantial change in circumstance, the experienced Joplin divorce lawyer of The Law Offices of Sotta & Briggs, PC, is here to help.

A lost job or an extra job taken to pay the bills may require a change to spousal support and child support arrangements. The need to seek employment in another state could impact child custody and visitation schedules. Whatever the reason for a post-judgment modification, our experienced family law firm is here to help you request or contest any adjustment to provisions in a settlement agreement.

Have you been transferred outside Missouri by the military? Is the specialized health care you need available only in another state? You should speak with our law firm right away.

Likewise, if an obligation spelled out in a divorce decree is not being lived up to, we can represent your rights by asking the court to order an enforcement of custody or support responsibilities.

Experienced Attorney Handling Divorce Modifications That Address Your Unique Issues

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