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Experienced Defense Attorney For Violent Crimes In Western Missouri

If a case of mistaken identity or the need to physically defend yourself in an altercation has led to violent crime charges against you, the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential if your freedoms and future are under attack at trial.

In Joplin and throughout Missouri, you can trust The Law Offices of Sotta & Briggs, PC, to aggressively safeguard your interests during every phase of the legal process. We operate in state and federal courts to help clients from all walks of life when serious felony criminal charges threaten liberties and livelihoods.

During our many years of experience, we have been successful with representation of clients charged with violent crimes such as simple and aggravated assault, assault and battery, armed robbery, sexual assault, domestic violence, homicide, arson and many others.

Arrested For A Violent Crime? Sotta & Briggs Can Help.

Our concentration on your case is intense, start to finish — from in-depth investigation of an arrest to negotiations with prosecutors, from suppression of illegally obtained evidence to final arguments in court. If blackmail or a coerced confession victimized you, we will find out about it. We know the law, those who enforce it and those who adjudicate it in jurisdictions where we practice. We know the strategies, the sentencing guidelines and the many ways that a government case can be discredited.

Our reputation for results precedes us, every time we enter a courtroom with a client.

You can put this broad knowledge in your corner, starting today, and increase your chances of avoiding jail or prison, substantial fines and a criminal record. Contact the skilled defense lawyer of The Law Offices of Sotta & Briggs, PC, to arrange a free, confidential initial consultation. Call 417-782-1717. We respond promptly to all email messages.