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Representing Unmarried Parents For Missouri Paternity Issues

Unmarried individuals and couples who are parents of a child or children deserve family law representation just as much as divorcing spouses.

At The Law Offices of Sotta & Briggs, PC, in Joplin, our compassionate lawyer Bob Briggs believes in fathers’ rights to prove paternity and pay child support in return for increased access to a son’s or daughter’s upbringing.

We also represent birth mothers in need of child support from biological fathers who have resisted paternity testing, and the mother who wants nothing to do with the father of her child.

Paternity issues can also impact families of means who require private, discreet solutions. If this situation describes yours, we need to hear from you so we can discuss your unique issues in detail and in complete confidence.

Our western Missouri law firm has years of experience with successful handling of paternity, parental rights, custody and visitation, and child support matters. We excel at both negotiated and litigated outcomes that reflect a parent’s rights and “the best interests of the child.”

We look forward to meeting you, listening to you and learning from you during your free initial consultation.

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